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PixelLab is a powerful, yet easy to use, multi-purpose app for graphic designers and photo enthusiasts. There are many tools and options available to achieve great results with PixelLab. In this post I’m going to cover the PixelLab features that are particularly useful when adding text and enhancing visuals in your designs and graphics.

Text Tool: Adding Words to Your World

Text Tool from PixelLab allows users to add expressive and attention-grabbing text to images and graphics. This app includes a variety of different font styles, colors and sizes to choose from, creating endless combinations for users to explore. Whether you are making an advertisement for a business or a greeting card for a loved one, Text Tool from PixelLab will help make whatever you are making look stunning without taking away from the meaning of the words being displayed.

Sticker Tool: Personal Touch with a Playful Twist

If you want to add some fun to your blog post or pdf document, you can use the Sticker Tool from PixelLab. This tool has so many different stickers and emojis that you can add to your blog posts or pdf documents. You can also customize it and add your own stickers. Just browse the categories and have fun adding some personality to your designs. A cute emoji or a cool sticker can speak miles, so don’t hesitate to use PixelLab Sticker Tool and show your true personality.

3D Text Tool: Adding Dimension to Typography

3D Text Tool – PixelLab already has an amazing text tool, but now we are taking it to a whole other dimension… literally. 3D text will add a whole other element of interest to your designs. Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees, or the border for the text, but with this new tool you can really make your text stand out and bring it to the forefront of your design. PixelLab continues to be the leader in text based design with this new and exciting addition.

Shapes Tool: Building Blocks of Creativity

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The Shapes Tool is a collection of basic shapes like rectangles, circles, and polygons that can be used to create basic shapes or even added to the image as graphic elements. The Shapes Tool in PixelLab gives users the ability to add any of these shapes into the image with just a few clicks and customize them as much as they want. Your only limit is your imagination!

Import and Export: Seamless Integration, Effortless Sharing

PixelLab also recognizes that any great design workflow needs to be adaptable and flexible. With PixelLab’s app you can import your own images or graphics to allow a smooth blend of external and internal assets. Additionally, PixelLab can also export in many different formats such as PNG, or JPG so when you come to share your final product it’s easy to export to whatever platform you need. Whether it’s for a blog or for print, PixelLab has you covered.

Gradient Tool: Mastering the Art of Color Transitions

With PixelLab Gradient Tool, you can create beautiful gradients with many colors to add a professional look to your designs and make a smooth transition between colors. Choose a subtle color transition or a bold and vibrant spectrum, it’s up to you to be the master of the colors transition using PixelLab Gradient Tool.

Layer Support: Building Complexity with Ease

Another great feature of PixelLab is layer support. If you have ever used layers in an image editor before, you know how powerful a tool they really are. PixelLab allows you to create multiple layers, and move them around independently of one another. This makes it very easy to overlap images on top of each other (like a logo on a background), or to duplicate elements and modify them independently (like creating a button with both a text label and a background label). Layer support really makes PixelLab a very versatile image editor.

Simple Interface: Navigating Creativity with Ease

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PixelLab includes all the features you need to create awesome graphics, but despite the powerful functionality, the interface is very simple and intuitive. So whether you’re an experienced graphic designer or you’re creating graphics for the first time, you’ll find the app easy to use and you’ll be creating stunning graphics in no time.


In the conclusion we must say that PixelLab is most powerful and popular online graphic design and photo editing tool. Text Tool, Sticker Tool, 3D Text Tool, Shapes Tool, Import and Export, Gradient Tool, Layer Support and Simple Interface are most useful features of this online photo editor. If you are looking for the best free editor to add text and create amazing designs, PixelLab is for you. Whether you are a professional user looking for advanced and powerful tools or an amateur who is taking the first steps in graphic design, PixelLab offers you great flexibility and ease of use, allowing you to unleash your creativity and produce amazing designs. Take Your Design To The Next Level With PixelLab – Your Creativity Has No Limits!

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